Meales Concrete Pumping Provide Shotcreting Throughout Australia.

Looking for a reliable concrete pumping company to complete shotcreting on your site? Meales Concrete Pumping are the shotcrete contractors that can provide a wet mix and dry mix shotcrete processes for project sites throughout Australia including locations in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales. Civil contractors turn to shotcrete spray concrete as it has many benefits over traditional concrete pumping methods in its application.

We also offer robotic shotcrete suitable for any engineering project related fields such as slope stabilisation, rail cuttings, dams and dam spillways, basement and sea walls, tanks, drains or culvert linings, concrete repairs, mining, tunnelling & shaft linings. The capability of our robotic boom units remote controlled operation and precision allows ease of access targeting at confined spaces, difficult to reach places and inaccessible locations which can effectively reduce human risk from toxic and hazardous materials.

If you need to restore or repair a site, are completing new construction, refractory or are looking to completing ground support, then the experts at Meales Concrete feel that shotcrete is your best option. Get in touch with the team at Meales Concrete Pumping to discuss how the shotcrete spray method can not only improve the results of your concrete job but also save you time, money and labour hire.

For Major Projects and Dry Hire of Mobile & High Rise Equipment and Solutions, please contact us us or send us an online enquiry.

Why Use the Shotcrete Method?

The team at Meales Concrete Pumping have experience using the shotcrete spray method for many decades and we are experts in completing concrete pumping services throughout Australia. During the years, we have noted that using shotcrete to complete concrete projects has many benefits.

Firstly, shotcrete can be a more cost-effective construction method. By using shotcrete, you can eliminate the need for cranes or other heavy lifting equipment and save costs in labour hire.

Shotcrete is also flexible by design, can work with complex shapes and structures, and requires little framework. Shotcrete also has a better bond to the substrate, is more durable than conventional methods and provides greater access to restricted spaces. Overall, the shotcrete spray method is a faster, most cost-effective method of concrete pumping and can even provide better results than traditional methods.

We’re the Shotcrete Contractors You Can Trust for Your Project Across Australia.

Meales Concrete Pumping can provide shotcrete services to projects large and small throughout Australia. We have the skilled and experienced operators who can complete concrete pumping services with our shotcrete machine to your exact specifications. We offer dry mix shotcrete as well as wet mix shotcrete methods for your project. Our skilled operators provide the best shotcrete methods to give you great results. Whether you need shotcrete for tunnels, high rise buildings subways or more, we have the experience, equipment and skilled operators to create the results you want to see.

We Can Provide Shotcrete Spraying Australia-Wide.

Here at Meales Concrete Pumping, we focus on primarily long term concrete pumping projects. This means that we’re able to travel Australia-wide for long periods with our reliable shotcrete machines and skilled labour force. We can travel to remote locations and regional places to provide the shotcrete services you need. We service Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and the Asia-Pacific regions. So, if you have a long term or short term project that requires professional shotcrete spraying, contact Meales Concrete Pumping today. We’ll create a custom solution for your concrete project.


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