Mobile Concrete Pumping

Mobile Concrete Pumping

Meales Concrete Pumping specialises in providing comprehensive mobile concrete pumping services to construction projects of all scales. We offer a complete ‘Equipment and Labour’ package to ensure projects are effectively and efficiently serviced by the most appropriate pumping equipment with qualified and experienced operators possessing relevant knowledge and skills of the equipment and type of work required.


For Major Projects and Dry Hire of Mobile & High Rise Equipment and Solutions, please contact us us or send us an online enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Concrete Pumping

A Line Pump comprises a hopper to receive concrete from a concrete agitator and an engine to pump the concrete. Pistons or squeeze mechanisms push the concrete from the hopper through a combination of pipes or hoses that have been attached to the Line Pump along the ground to where the concrete is being poured. Line Pumps can be mounted on a trailer (for pulling behind a truck), permanently fixed on a truck body or mounted as stationary pumps on legs (used generally in long term applications such as high rise buildings). High-pressure pumps are needed for pumping long distances whilst low-pressure pumps are used in instances like spraying pools or walls or filling core block walls.

A Boom Pump is a truck-mounted concrete pump with an unfolding or telescopic boom permanently attached. A permanent pipe runs from the hopper along the length of the boom with a series of swivelling bends allowing the boom or pipe combination to unfold or extend. A boom pump enables concrete to be pumped over obstacles or to great heights or depths. We operate a fleet of booms ranging from 17 to 60 metres in size. Boom length is chosen depending on a job’s particular needs. Hiring rates are generally higher as boom size increases.

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