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Mobile Conveyors

Meales Concrete Pumping has extended their range into mobile telescopic conveyors. We have one of the world’s only truck-mounted telescopic belt conveyors, the Putzmeister Telebelt. A Telebelt is able to place countless materials allowing you to efficiently handle multiple tasks on a single job site and countless applications in various setups. With the Putzmeister Telebelt TB130 conveyor, it is strong, lightweight and easy to control. This machine saves time and labour with quick setup and cleanup, high volumes and precise material placement.

It has a horizontal reach of 30m to save you time and labour. The five-section telescoping boom and fully hydraulic conveyor handle concrete slumps up to 305mm and materials ranging from sand to 100mm rock. With an outrigger design for quick set up in congested areas and rough terrain, the TB 130 is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, bridge decks and landscaping.

Mobile Conveyors Specifications

Have a look at our available mobile telescopic conveyor specifications below.

Conveyor horizontal reach —
  Maximum at 0°
  Maximum at 29°
Conveyor belt width
Feed conveyor length
Feed conveyor belt width
Trunk/end hose length
Discharge height from grade —
  Maximum at 29°
  Maximum at -15°
Rated capacity at 0°
  main & feed conveyors
Rated capacity up to 20°
  main & feed conveyors

Telebelt TB 130




Mobile Conveyor Specifications

Have a look at our available mobile telescopic conveyor specifications below.

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